Although a house bathroom does not always play an important role. It’s cleanliness and hygiene it’s important since it is an intimate and comforting space whose design and appearance have always deserved special attention. Due to intense use and time, it is possible that floors, walls, pipes, shelves, ventilation and other components have deteriorated so […]

In addition to the beauty of its veins and tonalities, hardwood floors provide a warm feeling to the house and have a high resistance to the passage of time but they also have enemies that tend to damage them. Among these harmful elements are the sun, scratches and acids of some foods but the biggest […]

Carpets are elements that reflect the personality and lifestyle of the family but keeping them impeccable, free of contaminating particles and harmful pests is a job that must be done regularly and it requires some specialized equipment and products to achieve the best result. Since the vacuum cleaner only cleans the surface, this job demands […]

Installing a carpet by you own could be tempting but when you do not have the knowledge, experience and the proper tools, such venture can be somewhat disappointing. Actually, the installation of a carpet requires knowledge to avoid ruining the corners, leaving small areas without covering, folds, badly stuck sectors and poor seams. All these […]

Installing a carpet can transform an old and dark space into a pleasant and safe place. The transformation is immediate. The installation process takes only a few hours but the results will be even more satisfactory if the density, fiber, designs and durability of the fibers match the purpose intended for the property. The benefits […]

The aesthetic and elegant appearance of wood is just one of the several transforming elements a residence can have. It provides a pleasant well-being feeling and significantly adds value to the property. Residences, offices and even business buildings feel warm and welcoming. The wood has a unique and natural appearance that makes it easier to […]

Hardwood floor refinish in Atlanta GA

A refinish job protects wood floors from heat, humidity, dust and stains, but most importantly, makes wood keep its beauty which is something that undoubtedly many people would praise. The industry allows us to have varnishes with polyurethane resins and water or oil bases providing a resistant layer of protection that allows to waterproof the […]

Carpet Installation in Atlanta GA

The carpets are still our allies because of the elegance they bring to residences and commercial buildings and the comfort they provide us while walking on them. They also absorb noise and thanks to their versatility they can be installed on wooden floors, cement slabs or tiles in a short time. Carpets can be glued […]