06 Mar 2018
Carpet Installation in Atlanta GA

The carpets are still our allies because of the elegance they bring to residences and commercial buildings and the comfort they provide us while walking on them.

They also absorb noise and thanks to their versatility they can be installed on wooden floors, cement slabs or tiles in a short time.

Carpets can be glued on the edges only or all over the base. If the use they’re going to withstand is moderate they can be glued only in the edges using adhesives, plugs, tacks or brackets, depending on the base.

Installation of carpets

Among all the tasks that must be done during the construction of a building, one could say that the installation of carpets is one of the easiest.

Of course, that’s relative, if you have the knowledge, experience and a set of indispensable tools and materials. In addition to that, certain steps must be followed to properly install a carpet.

A fundamental step to properly install a carpet is to completely clean, dry and remove the imperfections of the surface. Then it’s time to take some measurements, planning the cuts, cutting the piece it will be used, placing the carpet, folding and cutting the surplus, joining the cuts in the corners, joining the panels and stick the carpet, etc…

All these procedures should ideally be carried out by professionals so the installation is not only correct but lasting.

At LG Home Improvements we have the tools, the knowledge, the experience and the staff for perfectly install the carpets.  We have been in the field of remodeling and home improvement in the demanding US market for more than 15 years.

We also provide our services in Alpharetta, Rosewell, Buckhead in Fulton County, and Dunwoody and Brookhaven, in DeKalb County, GA.

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