Installing a carpet can transform an old and dark space into a pleasant and safe place. The transformation is immediate.

The installation process takes only a few hours but the results will be even more satisfactory if the density, fiber, designs and durability of the fibers match the purpose intended for the property.

The benefits of having a carpeted floor go beyond the aesthetic look and the pleasant sensation perceived when walking on it. In addition to those benefits we must add the fact that carpets absorb noise from the environment and block noise coming from other floors.

The carpet is usually one of the most economical ways to cover the floors of homes and offices. Some carpets are:

  • Dense or suited for high traffic. Because of its durability, these are recommended for corridors, offices, hotels, commercial companies and family games halls.
  • Ttwist carpets. These are recommended for bedrooms and other areas of the home because they do not leave traces, do not generate lint, are easy to clean and give a rustic and sumptuous appearance.
  • Cut pile carpets. These have low density plush, suitable for hospitals and schools.
  • Printed carpets. These come in a wide range of colors, textures and combinations of cuts and loops.

When choosing a carpet, it is also important to know the materials it’s made of, such as:

  • Olefin: A variety of processed plastic, resistant to stains and wear.
  • Nylon: A material similar to olefin but softer.
  • Wool: Recommended for cold weathers.

When choosing the variety, quality and color of a carpet it is always important to have the advice of an experienced professional and it is advisable to hire an expert to install it since the installation work demands precision and specialized equipment.

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