Installing a carpet by you own could be tempting but when you do not have the knowledge, experience and the proper tools, such venture can be somewhat disappointing.

Actually, the installation of a carpet requires knowledge to avoid ruining the corners, leaving small areas without covering, folds, badly stuck sectors and poor seams.

All these problems can be solved by hiring a professional service specialized in carpet installation, who have the equipment, knowledge and experience to properly install any carpet.

Hiring a company specialized in carpet installation has benefits such as:

  • Avoiding waste: The knowledge and experience that professional carpet installers have allows them to make precise measurements of the floor to be covered, thereby avoiding unnecessary expenses in materials that end in the garbage can.
  • Soil preparation: The floor where the carpet will be placed should be even and clean. If you do not have experience in removing lumps and impurities or even removing old floors you can several damages and difficult the carpet installation and generate unforeseen expenses.
  • The cuts and seams: The carpet must fit perfectly, both in the walls and corners as well as in the transition between different surfaces such as wood or tiles. In addition, it is expected that because of the room width it is required to join together at least two patterns that must be professionally sewn so that they look good and to avoid stumbles.
  • Specialized equipment: Without the right equipment it is very difficult to provide an excellent finish to the installation of a carpet. A carpet stretcher, an iron and a roller are required to join patterns together, scissors, cutting blades, jamb saws, floor scrapers, staplers, among others are necessary as well.

To sum up, hiring an expert avoids you work, unnecessary efforts, frustrations and even needless expenses and will guarantee an excellent final result. At LG Home Improvements we have the equipment, the knowledge, the experience and the staff for perfectly install the carpets.

We also provide our services in Alpharetta, Rosewell, Buckhead in Fulton County, and Dunwoody and Brookhaven, in DeKalb County, GA.

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