10 Apr 2018

The aesthetic and elegant appearance of wood is just one of the several transforming elements a residence can have. It provides a pleasant well-being feeling and significantly adds value to the property. Residences, offices and even business buildings feel warm and welcoming.

The wood has a unique and natural appearance that makes it easier to decorate and its components contribute to protect the environment.

Besides the fact that hardwood floors add a lot of value to the building, hardwood floors are resistant, durable and cheaper than other floor materials, thermal and acoustic insulators, plus it’s very easy to maintain, all of that makes hardwood floors an unbeatable investment.

Wood floors add value to any house in a quick and affordable way since wood costs less than other materials used in residential floors. In addition, they are:

  • Elegant and comfortable: Due to the beauty and value of wood, floors acquire a warm and elegant appearance.
  • Durable: Wood cured by scientific formulas is resistant and durable. Besides its consistency the polyurethane finish protects the wood from intense use and scratches.
  • Varied: Wood comes in many colors, styles and species.
  • Healthy: That’s because of the wood has no fibers nor openings -if properly installed-, it does not collect pollen, dust, hair or other impurities that could affect the health of people.
  • Easy to clean: Wood floors, especially if they have polyurethane finishes, are very easy to clean. A vacuum and mop are the only things needed to make wood look clean and shiny.

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