08 Mar 2018
Hardwood floor refinish in Atlanta GA

A refinish job protects wood floors from heat, humidity, dust and stains, but most importantly, makes wood keep its beauty which is something that undoubtedly many people would praise.

The industry allows us to have varnishes with polyurethane resins and water or oil bases providing a resistant layer of protection that allows to waterproof the wood and keep it in perfect conditions for many years.

Refinishing a wooden floor requires a great deal of effort and ideally it should be done by a professional with enough knowledge and experience.

Hardwood floor refinish in Atlanta, GA

Refinishing a floor refers to sanding an already finished hardwood floor in order to eliminate dents, scratches or any other imperfection that it may have.

To achieve a good refinishing, you have to comply with a series of stages:

  • Make sure that the refinishing area is free of furniture, curtains and/or carpets.
  • Cover the ventilation ducts and electrical switches with a plastic cover and masking tape.
  • Carefully remove the skirting boards so they won’t get damaged.
  • Use wood filler in case there are cracks or gaps that must be repaired.
  • Sand and vacuum the floor to remove dust and any residue that may damage the finish.
  • Sand the floor with an increasingly fine sandpaper, working from the center towards the edges and in the direction of the grain of the wood.
  • Vacuum the sawdust after each sanding process and clean with a dry cloth before applying the sealant.
  • Apply a wood floor sealer before varnishing the floor.
  • Varnish the floor unsparingly and remove any excess of paint.

All this work must be done with extreme care to ensure an even and balanced varnishing, this job must be carried out with the appropriate protection tools, including a mask to avoid any damage to workers.

At LG Home Improvements, we specialize in the installation and refinishing of hardwood floors. We take care of every detail to give the floor a deluxe refinishing according to your expectations and needs.

Our priority is give you a quality work for you flooring and your home. We have dustless machines for your better comfort.

We provide our services in Alpharetta, Rosewell and Buckhead in Fulton County, and Dunwoody and Brookhaven in DeKalb County, GA. Visit our website and if you are thinking about installing a hardwood floor in your residence, do not think twice and contact us. We remain at your disposal!