05 Mar 2018
Hardwood flooring installation in Atlanta GA

The beauty, smoothness, warmth and naturalness of the wood are contributing factors to hardwood gaining ground among building materials used by Americans to cover the floors of offices and residences.

In addition to its aesthetic and transformative characteristics, wood also has an important element which is how easy it’s keeping the floors clean and shiny, free of germs and pests, typical things in other materials such as carpets.

But, while it is true wooden floors provide a cozy surface, they deserve a special treatment because they are sensitive to humidity and temperature changes.

It is possible to install hardwood floors on concrete if there are no signs of condensation. In this case, it must be ensured that the slab is flat by filling the low points and sanding the high ones. Since the wood is placed directly on the floor slab, the floor must be clean and dry for the glue – which is specifically made for the installation of wooden floors – to be correctly applied, permanently.

We install hardwood floors

At LG Home Improvements we are professionals in remodeling and home improvement. We have an extensive experience in remodeling jobs for residences or companies.

We repair or replace hardwood floors, paint internal or external walls, manufacture or adapt furniture, carefully move furniture, curtains, walls, seal ventilation screens and light switches; we cover lights, and more.

We have the trained staff, the experience and tools to install your wooden floors with a professional touch.  We provide these and other services in Alpharetta, Rosewell, Buckhead in Fulton County, and Dunwoody and Brookhaven in DeKalb County, GA.

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