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The siding is not only one of the elements that define the elegance and beauty of a building but also is crucial to protect the structure, ensuring a long lifespan and promote a sense of well-being to its people.

There are seven major types of siding and each has beneficial features, as its beauty, its durability or price. The following are the most common types on the market:


Cement Siding

For its resistance, is among the favorites in areas with high humidity. It can also be painted and can adapt to any type of architecture. It is among the most expensive materials, due the costs of handling and application.


Aluminum Siding

Aluminum Siding is resistant to fire and water, provides more insulation than other sidings and is easy to install. But it is prone to dings and scratches, but with good maintenance is very durable.


Brick Siding

It is one of the favorite sidings because it provides a great beauty and gives added value to the building. It is resistant to the inclement environment, it contributes to sound insulation and helps to protect the building against fire. It is also easy to install.


Vinyl Siding

One of the most durable products, which also is agreeable, increases energy efficiency and reduces maintenance costs.



The most common and is among the cheapest. You may find it in different models, styles and widths and is among the easiest to install, although it is true that must be handled with great precision so that the parts are coupled correctly. In the case of damage caused by the weather elements, can be painted.

Stucco siding

Characterized by its durability. It can be applied on brick, concrete, wood or plaster. Its main weakness is the difficulty of removing moisture and fungi that appear in damp areas. It is of rapid application, but its lifespan is relatively low if compared with other materials.

Flagstone Siding

the stone is manufactured and you can get in different sizes and styles. It can be applied in almost any area of the building, including on wood surfaces. It is lighter than natural stone and comes ready for application.

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