14 May 2018

Although a house bathroom does not always play an important role. It’s cleanliness and hygiene it’s important since it is an intimate and comforting space whose design and appearance have always deserved special attention.

Due to intense use and time, it is possible that floors, walls, pipes, shelves, ventilation and other components have deteriorated so they need to be remodeled.

But it is also possible that the experience leads us to think about expanding it or re-adapt the interior walls and rearrange or replace some furniture to give the bathroom a more practical use and adapt it to new needs, either for elegance or comfort for some members of the family such as children or adults who need special accommodations.

There are several factors to take into account when thinking on remodeling the bathroom:

  • The suitability of the shower, the tub, the sanitary service, the mirror, the lighting, the shelves and the drawers.
  •  A good ventilation to avoid the excess of humidity and heat in order to stop the propagation of mold and bacteria.
  • The operation of the supply and drainage pipes; No leaks, the good condition of the tiles or other materials that cover the floor of the bathroom.
  • The maximum use of space and color as elements that provide spaciousness, comfort and elegance.

In any case, we must consider that an orderly and comfortable bathroom provides a significant added value to the property.

There are many ideas to consider when remodeling a bathroom so it is convenient to leave the work to companies specialized in remodeling such as the professionals at LG Home Improvements.

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