09 Jan 2017
Decks and Porch Remodeling

So in the case of a luxury residence or a simple house, decks and porches are elements that add the house a touch of class and elegance; but, more than that, they are the perfect spots to have the most pleasant moments alone, with family or companions.

The decks, these outdoor terraces built as an ideal, natural and harmonious complement, which transform the environment and turn any courtyard in an attractive, healthy, safe and easy to maintain garden.

The Porches, indoors rooms added to the front or side walls, where the air freshens the ambient, and artificial light is only needed at night, strategically installed to find the perfect mix to help enhance finishes, which are as varied as your imagination.

They’re practical use, but also elegant and good taste elements, making terraces and porches has led to developing a broad range of options, designs and materials.

Since the terraces are often exposed to the weather, it is very crucial to state the type of material and the height, to keep its original features and extend its life cycle.

Among the different choices, wood is generally the favored material, both on the grounds that it is an excellent, natural and appropriately treated product, and because of its resistance to moisture and consequently the spread of fungi.

Similarly, there are the tiles arranged like in the decks, but with the advantage that they can be installed over existing ceramic or gravel floors. These tiles are built with rostrata or walnut tables. The arrangement of the tables is the same as when installing the deck, and they even have a separation between each one of them. These tiles can be installed over existing ceramic or crushed stone floors.

In short, there is a wide range of products, and we are experts in installation and remodeling of decks and porches, and we’d be pleased to advise and provide you our services.

We have extensive experience in remodeling, well trained personnel and the right tools to provide you with a satisfactory service.

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